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The Clap Club has a creative and multidisciplinary team, each member has different abilities and  different functions.



Maria is the founder of The Clap Club and, as the artistic Director of the plays, remains the heart and soul. After studying Dance and Circus in Barcelona she moved to London to study Circus Performing Arts at the National Centre of Circus Arts, graduating with a BA(Hons) Degree.

Working as a performer, an acrobat and as a technician in various companies including Sala Yago, Nicola London Arts, The Generating Company, Teatre Nu and Cirque du Soleil amongst  others, has enriched Maria’s knowledge in a number of fields.

Her latest challenge has been to bring together her knowledge and create her own shows. Aware of the importance of English activities in schools, she created The Clap Club, an educational theatre Company for kids.




Arantzazu, professional performer. Educated in Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Valencia as a professional dancer. After that she moved to Holland for further education at Artez Dance school. She also has a degree in Arts History and has studied  clowning. She is an essential ingredient of the Clap Club’s mixture of theatre, dance and profound social message for young children.

For Arantzazu the Young audience is very special, she loves their honesty and spontaniety. She believes in the theatre as an art form that not only satisfyes people’s soul but also takes them to reflection.

  • Arantxa Lecumberri Compañía de Danza



As a writer, Manel has worked for different publishing houses, and written books, including poetry for an audience of both Young children and adults.

His work has been translated into different languages to reach both a Spanish and an International audience.


  • @Manelalonsocat



With a Degree in Journalism and a Master in Marketing, Laura has worked for over ten years in the areas of image and corporate communication.

She started working in scenography and arranging costumes for photographic sessions. She has now taken the next logical step by moving into the theatre sector. She´s experienced at combining fabrics, color and materials to engage and enrapture an audience of young children and incorporating these into the needs of a piece of sucessful theatre: integrating movement in space, with wonder and timelessness.




Emilio is a Graphic Designer who developed the visual design of The Clap Club, from the company´s logo to its web layout.

Emilio has a range of experience and  knowledge in different fields, including photography, video,  painting and graffiti art

He has always been distinguished by his creativity. As an example, in September 2016, he achieved second place in the International Smoking Design Contest.




For Bartolo working as a photograph is a dream come true. At 15 years old he bought his first camera and ever since then, he has never stopped learning. In 2012 began to work as a freelancer, which he had to combine with his usual job. In 2014 he was able to invest in his own photographic studio.

Beeing part of The Clap Club has been a new challenge, as he has never worked for a theatre Company before. It’s another example of his desire to extend his range and o never stop learning.